3 Thoughts Introverts Might Have at the Start of a New Relationship

After living in what felt like a perpetual state of singleness following my last break-up, I recently found someone who made the long wait seem totally worth it. He’s my boyfriend now, and I still feel a rush of giddiness using the term. Perhaps I’m biased because I’m an introvert, but I like to think there’s something particularly special that happens when two introverts fall in love.

8 Reasons Being Highly Sensitive Is Actually a Good Thing

Don’t be so sensitive — it’s not that big of a deal. As someone who’s come to appreciate my sensitive side, I find it unfortunate that being sensitive is often equated with being weak or dramatic. Sensitivity is wrongly depicted as an undesirable trait, while nonchalance is mistaken for a sign of strength. While I do agree it’s important to recognize your high sensitivity and find ways to make it work for you — rather than against you — it’s not inherently bad to be sensitive.

4 Powerful Strengths of the Introverted Teacher

I’m an introvert. I’m a teacher. I’m an introverted teacher. As much as I love writing about and discussing introversion, I know being an introvert doesn’t define me — even if it feels that way sometimes. Just like being a teacher is part of who I am, it’s not what makes me who I am. However, after working as an ESL teacher for nearly a decade, I’ve noticed ways in which my introverted personality can function as an advantage in the classroom.

The spiritual story of Thailand’s spirit houses

There is something in the air in Thailand. There must be. I have lived on and off — mostly on — in this beautiful country for more than four years now. From the moment I first got off the plane in Chiang Mai, a town nestled in the mountains of the north, there was a feeling, a trace of something inwardly palpable, surrounding me and dissolving slowly, leaving me feeling calm, connected and definitively lighter.

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To me, lovely is weather that is not too hot or too cold. It's drinking creamy rich masala staring at the rolling silhouettes of the mountains in northern Thailand. It's colorful mats to sit on and the freedom to spend the whole day as I please. It's supporting my body with healthy, fresh, colorful sustenance and stretching each limb until it loosens. It's unapologetically occupying my own little space of the universe in those rare moments when I feel just right, not too little, not too much, just enough.

4 Ways Yoga Helped Me Break Out of My Awkward Introvert Shell

Although the world tells me I should feel empowered by my body, and that self-confidence is sexier than self-doubt, the truth is I’ve never really been all that comfortable in my own skin. As an introvert and an INFP personality type (one of the MBTI types way up there on the self-consciousness scale), I’m particularly prone to experiencing a pretty pervasive sense of awkwardness at all times.
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